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Shoebuy Returns

shoebuy returns shoe buyWhen you buy shoes online often, sooner or later you are going to have to return something. Luckily, Shoebuy's return policy is outstanding so the biggest hassel you have is getting to the post office to send your items back.

I'm lazy so even that used to bother me until I realized I'd have to go back to my local shoe retailer anyway if I hadn't bought online so it is no longer much of a big deal to me.

Shoebuy's Return Policy

Whereever you shop online one of the first things to check is the companies policy on returns.

Shoebuy not only allows you to return just about anything, they also send you a free return shipping label! Considering they almost always offer free shipping on your order, the deal is quite amazing!

NOTE: Always check their web site by clicking here.

Also, do let me know if you are returning anything due to a problem with Shoebuy. Most returns probably aren't about the company, but if they are, I'd like to know so I can add it to the review page.

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